Machine learning, statistical modeling, natural language processing, text mining, data analysis

R, SQL, GitHub, Markdown, shell scripting

Writing and speaking for technical and general audiences


Open Source Software

Develop R packages for the data science ecosystem, including the tidytext package which is downloaded from CRAN about 40,000 times per month.


Speak regularly at conferences in the United States and around the world about data analysis and machine learning practice.


Wrote Text Mining with R with David Robinson, published in 2017 by O’Reilly, and Supervised Machine Learning for Text Analysis in R with Emil Hvitfeldt, published TBD by Chapman & Hall.

Data Scientist & Software Engineer, RStudio


Technical Advisory Committee Member, Bureau of Labor Statistics


  • Advise the Commissioner of Labor Statistics on statistical methodology and other technical matters related to the collection and analysis of BLS data

Data Scientist, Stack Overflow


  • Analyze large datasets and build models to understand developers and the software industry, from tech ecosystems to how programmers search for jobs
  • Collaborate with data engineers, web developers, and product managers to implement models in production
  • Communicate the results of analyses, modeling, and tests through data visualization, interactive apps, and writing

Data Scientist, Datassist


  • Developed statistical survey weighting tools (implemented in R) for nonprofits, local governments, social service agencies, and others.
  • Analyzed complex data sets from clients to create clear and compelling reports, visualizations, and interactive apps.
  • Wrote educational materials for online courses to develop the data literacy of our clients around the world.

Content Developer & Support Representative, Sapling Learning


  • Created interactive online questions, solutions, feedback, and tutorials designed for college-level astronomy courses.
  • Reviewed questions authored by others for accuracy, style, and appropriate level.
  • In total, created or reviewed over 800 detailed, rich questions.
  • Assisted in project management and user acceptance testing projects.
  • Incorporated questions and other materials into customized, cohesive online course sites for instructors.
  • Provided individualized customer support for instructors and developed positive client relationships.

Adjunct Professor, Quinnipiac University


  • Taught physics, chemistry, astronomy, and earth science courses with accompanying lab courses for science and non-science majors, utilizing online course management system and online homework.
  • Increased student engagement and learning by employing cooperative instructional strategies.

Adjunct Professor, University of New Haven


  • Taught physics for non-science majors with accompanying lab course, utilizing online course management system and online homework.
  • Increased student engagement and learning by employing cooperative instructional strategies.

Postdoctoral Researcher, Yale University


  • Developed software for data analysis pipeline of Palomar-QUEST Survey
  • Worked with large data sets (survey generated ~70 GB per night) and integrated existing software of collaborators into pipeline.

Graduate Instructor/Research Assistant, University of Texas at Austin


  • Studied internal kinematics of nearby galaxies using infrared radiation to determine effects of dust.
  • Independently observed at McDonald Observatory (over 40 nights).
  • Independently developed data analysis software tailored to research project; used dynamical modeling to interpret and understand data.
  • Published first-author papers in refereed journals and presented research at national scientific meetings.
  • Independently coordinated and taught introductory astronomy observing lab for non-science majors, supervising other graduate student instructors and developing curriculum.
  • Received University of Texas Goetting Memorial Endowed Scholarship for excellence in teaching, Texas Space Grant Consortium Graduate Fellowship for excellence in research, and University of Texas Graduate Continuing Fellowship for excellence in research.


  • University of Texas at Austin - PhD in astronomy, 2005
  • University of Texas at Austin - MA in astronomy, 2002
  • Texas A&M University - BS in physics, 2000 (magna cum laude)