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Partial dependence plots with tidymodels and DALEX for #TidyTuesday Mario Kart world records

Tune a decision tree model to predict whether a Mario Kart world record used a shortcut, and explore partial dependence profiles for the world record times.

Predict availability in #TidyTuesday water sources with random forest models

Walk through a tidymodels analysis from beginning to end to predict whether water is available at a water source in Sierra Leone.

Estimate change in #TidyTuesday CEO departures with bootstrap resampling

Are more CEO departures involuntary now than in the past? We can use tidymodels’ bootstrap resampling and generalized linear models to understand change over time.

Which #TidyTuesday Netflix titles are movies and which are TV shows?

Use tidymodels to build features for modeling from Netflix description text, then fit and evaluate a support vector machine model.

Which #TidyTuesday post offices are in Hawaii?

Use tidymodels to predict post office location with subword features and a support vector machine model.