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Predict which #TidyTuesday Scooby Doo monsters are REAL with a tuned decision tree model

Which Scooby Doo monsters are REAL?! Walk through how to tune and then choose a decision tree model, as well as how to visualize and evaluate the results.

Create a custom metric with tidymodels and NYC Airbnb prices

Predict prices for Airbnb listings in NYC with a data set from a recent episode of SLICED, with a focus on two specific aspects of this model analysis: creating a custom metric to evaluate the model and combining both tabular and unstructured text data in one model.

Class imbalance and classification metrics with aircraft wildlife strikes

Handling class imbalance in modeling affects classification metrics in different ways. Learn how to use tidymodels to subsample for class imbalance, and how to estimate model performance using resampling.

Partial dependence plots with tidymodels and DALEX for #TidyTuesday Mario Kart world records

Tune a decision tree model to predict whether a Mario Kart world record used a shortcut, and explore partial dependence profiles for the world record times.

Predict availability in #TidyTuesday water sources with random forest models

Walk through a tidymodels analysis from beginning to end to predict whether water is available at a water source in Sierra Leone.