Get started with tidymodels and #TidyTuesday Palmer penguins

Build two kinds of classification models and evaluate them using resampling.

Supervised Machine Learning for Text Analysis in R

Announcing our new book, to be published in the Chapman & Hall/CRC Data Science Series!

Bagging with tidymodels and #TidyTuesday astronaut missions

Learn how to use bootstrap aggregating to predict the duration of astronaut missions.

The Bechdel test and the X-Mansion with tidymodels and #TidyTuesday

Explore data from the Claremont Run Project on Uncanny X-Men with bootstrap resampling.

Impute missing data for #TidyTuesday voyages of captive Africans with tidymodels

Understand more about the forced transport of African people using the Slave Voyages database.

PCA and UMAP with tidymodels and #TidyTuesday cocktail recipes

Use tidymodels for unsupervised dimensionality reduction.

tidylo is now on CRAN! 🎉

Measure how the frequency of some feature differs across some group or set, using the weighted log odds.

Tune XGBoost with tidymodels and #TidyTuesday beach volleyball

Learn how to tune hyperparameters for an XGBoost classification model to predict wins and losses.

Learn tidymodels with my supervised machine learning course

I am happy to announce that a new version of my free, online, interactive course has been published!

Multinomial classification with tidymodels and #TidyTuesday volcano eruptions

Lately I’ve been publishing screencasts demonstrating how to use the tidymodels framework, from first steps in modeling to how to evaluate complex models. Today’s screencast demonstrates how to implement multiclass or multinomial classification using with this week’s #TidyTuesday dataset on volcanoes.